No matter how important it is to present visuals on Instagram, a lot of pics that you post need to have an engagement side. This is the keyword for getting likes and followers. If you are familiar with the newest Instagram algorithm you probably know that the best chances of your content appearing is to get as many likes as possible.

This brings us to the caption and how important is to make it interesting and “catchy”. Your content needs to be interesting to your audience, to be attractive and up-to-date, in short: to be in trend. What steps you should follow to make your perfect caption?

The length of your content

Personally, I think this is the most important part when it comes to your Instagram post. You need to be aware that long sentences in the world of internet are not attractive. In the virtual reality, everything is fast and there is no short way to read the long phrase. If you accept this fact, your life will be a lot easier.


No wonder twitter allows only 140 characters per one post. Don’t forget that Instagram is designed for pictures, not stories. Your picture is the one that is supposed to tell the story, not you. Therefore, make it simple and brief. Post a message that is clear and short, because everything else will be scrolled.

The beginning of the caption as the most important part to pay attention to

The psychological syndrome “primum impressionem”

Like in the real world, the so-called “first impression” is the strongest one, the same is with the Instagram world. My advice is to use the words that describe your idea the best always at the beginning of the sentence. This way you will attract the lazy users as well, the ones that only read the beginning of the captions. Like the expression itself says you need to press the idea into your follower’s brain.

Headlines effect

The second reason is the fact that feeds are practically cut off to the users after a few lines of your post. The readers are not interested to see the rest of the content unless you attract their attention in first five words. It is similar to the Headlines when you are reading the newspapers, you will read the ones that are the most interesting first, or the ones with the biggest font.


Make a brand of your name

Identify your brand voice like you would do in any kind of market, only keep in mind that we are talking about large and broad social network market. You need to make it recognizable to the Instagram members. You need to show your personality and to show who you really are, especially through your work.

You need to have your personal mark that defines you and the things that your post. Nobody is expecting a serious or formal tone, at least in most cases. However, if you decide for a more serious audience you will need to pay attention to timing, when the joke is appropriate and so on.

Use hashtags

This tool is very powerful and it can help you to lure your fans, but it can destroy you at the same time. Don’t clutter your captions. If you are using at least one hashtag you are on the way to create a clutter. Use only relevant ones, related to the subjects and you will avoid crowding your content. You can use some tricks to prevent this. For example use dots to separate your hashtags from the rest of the caption.


Using dash, asterisk or period after the post is equally successful. Basically, you will hide it from the users, and they will be able to see it only if they choose the “more” option. Even better solution is to put it in a comment below what you have posted. This way you will hide it below the “see all” option.

Return people a favor and follow them

Sometimes it is not enough to post things. You need to make a connection with your fans and if you want to manage this there has to be interaction. It is very difficult to have Instagram followers without following others. Nobody likes selfish people. It is very simple, you need to return a favor and they will respect you unless you want to buy followers.

This is a faster and easier solution but not effective to the long path and in most cases we are talking here about everything but permanent solution. If you want a long-term success, you will have to be more patient.

Try to be in direct contact with your followers

The best way to manage it is to pose a question and listen to their answers. The interactive communication is the most important in any part of your life, with no exception. The type of question depends on you. My favorite is yes and no question that leads us directly to the heart.

Get to know your audience

If you want to avoid wandering than you need to decide which target group you want to attract to your profile. This is not an easy task but it will simplify things later. If you choose your target group at the very first beginning and make a good strategy you will avoid the crowd on your profile. Among 500 million users it is very hard to pinpoint the right one.

That’s why you need to follow the previous steps and stick to the rules. Remember that Instagram is nothing less than a system with rules, and if you follow them you won’t have any trouble in getting likes and followers. If you get to know yourself with the needs of your followers you will be able to engage them on Instagram.

So before you decide to post anything you need to do some research about the taste of your audience. If you do this in the beginning you will be able to change their taste in the end.

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