The biggest online sharing social media platform is at this moment Instagram. It has changed how everyone views art, how they share their good and bad times, and how some get their daily dose of fun and commercials.

How Instagram is going to become bigger than the TV

Now just a decade ago, the best platform for sharing your view and opinions were the TV and the radio. Those were also the best places to promote commercials. Television has been a massive multi-billion-dollar industry when it comes to commercials, and it has held the leading position for quite some time.

When television first appeared, we thought that nothing would leave such a strong effect on our daily lives. But we never knew how big the internet would become. Pretty soon everything that you could do on the TV, you could do online, but faster, and in your own personal way.


When the internet became a popular place for new technologies and ideas, it was followed by the invention of social media platforms that serve many different things to different people. The most popular one of them all is Instagram.

This social media app is a place where people share their pictures and comments.The content can be literally anything in the world, and that is why millions of individuals visit it on a daily basis to get their daily dose of social media.

Individuals who use Instagram

As the popularity of this amazing app has grown, the amount of new content has to be constantly added. Others from different cultures and regions share tons of things that an, even larger number of individuals can than view.

With that strategy, Instagram has become one of the fastest growing platforms for new content in both terms of sharing and consumption.There’s no specific group who use this little app, everyone does. Heck, there are even businesses that have created profiles so that they can promote their thoughts and products.

With that in mind, we have to wonder how big of an effect does Instagram actually have on people and their lives. The recent studies found that people who use Instagram don’t have the need to spend tons of hours watching television.

The amounts of commercials people are watching on every television channel is getting ridiculous, and people are moving away from that platform because nobody likes to watch 15 minutes of commercials on a 20-minute show. One thing is sure, the ones that use social media platforms don’t want to spend hours in front of the old television doing nothing.

How Instagram connects famous celebrities with the rest of the world

Instagram has also been a good platform where famous celebrities could start sharing their daily lives to whoever wanted to be a part of it. The most influential famous person on this app is Kim Kardashian. Her posts attract thousands if not millions of people. The way she shares her daily struggles and happenings in a simple manner would not be possible without Instagram.


As anyone with a phone could join, people have reported feeling more connected with their favorite celebrity. In a recent poll done online, people who want to become successful watch what other rich and successful people do on Instagram more than on other social media platforms. This little app has definitely become a huge influence in people’s lives. It is only a question of how you use Instagram, as it allows for many ways of expression.

How Instagram promotes interesting locations in the world

When somebody wants to go out and explore the world, they would usually go down to their tourism agency and ask for a pamphlet of their offers. They would ask the travel agent if he had some recommendations and sometimes the travel agent would not give you the best locations because they had no offers for specific places.

But the biggest questions is still how you would know where it is that you would want to go? The answer lies in the information you consume. If you did not watch a television program where certain places in the world were advertised, you would have to get your advice from the word of mouth which can be limited severely.

Today if you use Instagram you can view amazing places in the world, and at the same time, you can get people’s thoughts on that location. Let’s say for instance that you wanted to go to a certain party in Ibiza. If you saw that being advertised on the TV, you would only get one opinion, from the guy that created the add.


But if somebody on Instagram announced that, you would get his opinion and the opinion of possibly thousands of people that comment on that picture. That is valuable information, and you don’t even have to pay for it!

How your brain forces you to get more followers?

The full impact of social media has not fully been researched yet. But one thing is sure for Instagram. People love adding new followers, even the ones they know nothing about. The fact is everyone likes instant gratification, and one of the best places to get that is on social media platforms.

Since Instagram has become the most popular one, scientists have started doing tons of research on how that form of social media affects our brains. You’ll be amazed at how your brain pushes you to increase your follower count.


It has been proven that certain individuals need to feel self-validated, and the fact that once we post a picture, we can’t wait to get likes and comments on it proves that statement. The moment people create an account on Instagram and start adding friends, they start getting comments and likes on their pictures.

And that good feeling when they see that what they shared is being loved by tons of people, just makes them want to get more likes and shares. The brain is, in short, a hostage in our little self-gratification circle that we nurture by increasing our followers.



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