If you haven’t figured out yet, Instagram is the most popular social network out there. With over 400 million users, as counted in late 2015, Instagram can be considered the king of social networks jungle as never before was social network popular as this one.

Most likely you’ve heard all kind of advice and tips for doubling the number of your followers on Instagram, and most of them are phony. This is why we created this simple 5-minute guide that will help you organize the content on your account and manage your posts so that you can double the number of your followers in a short period.

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  1. Make your Instagram Feed look like a Magazine.

If your top priority is to attract more followers to your account, you should give them a reason to check your posts daily. Your posts should be inviting and with warm messages (hashtags) that welcome all followers, not just the ones that you already have.  Most of the people that are looking for interesting pages to follow go through the whole content in order to decide whether or not they should follow a particular account and if the content suits their needs.

If you have one nice posts from your vacation in Tibet, but the rest of your posts are pictures of your lazy cat you probably won’t attract many followers. Your posts should be focused on the topic that you chose to stick to, and that is exactly what will bring followers to your page.

A reliable source of information is what your followers are after, and if you choose too many topics to cover you’ll end up mixing them up and losing the quality of each post. If you are a nutritionist, your feed should be based on health tips, how to lose weight, diets, and vitamin related posts.

  1. Give Them a Peek Behind the Camera.

Due to our curious nature, the things that bring most attention are secrets and rare, unique photos. If you have interesting “behind the scene” photos from the set of a new movie shoot or celebrity life, you shouldn’t think twice about posting to your feed. That kind of material will attract followers like flies. It doesn’t have to be associated with the lives of celebrities or Hollywood; you can post photos from your workplace.

For example, if you are working in a bar and want to promote your restaurant, give your audience a couple of pictures of cocktails that are being made or how you prepared the decorated watermelon, classic before/after photos.

  1. Public or Private Account.

Although owners of private account have the privilege of filtering their follower list and choosing the ones they want, public account are much more practical. Be making your content available for everyone not only that you increase the chance of someone following you, but you also show the everyone is welcome at your page.

Just think about it, if you want to go to a specific store at the mall and you find out that it is closed during daytime only when you arrive you probably won’t shop there again. It is the same with your content on Instagram, instead of locking it a making it available only for the audience that you choose, show that you care about your followers and make it accessible for all.

  1. Use photo editing apps.

Before you even consider to post your fresh new photo on Instagram don’t forget to edit it in some way. Photo enhancing applications that are considered the best by many Instagram users are apps like Tadaa or Afterlight. With these programs not only that you can crop photos, add elements or effects, you can do also mess with saturation, contrast alignment, warmth, structure, etc.

The best thing about these apps is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer and know how each effect impacts the quality of a picture. You can simply experiment and try them all to choose which one suits your style. The combination of two or more is usually the best approach if you have no experience with photo editing, but make sure that you don’t overdo it.

  1. Ease up with the #hashtags.

Don’t get us wrong, every photo that you post should contain a couple of interesting hashtags. The biggest problem with most Instagramers is that they abuse the idea of content’s additional description. A photo, no matter how beautiful and perfectly taken, can be ruined by overcrowding with hashtags.

Take our advice and don’t use more than 3 or maximum four hashtags. You should make sure that you are focusing on the quality of them instead of quantity.

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