Pinterest is one of the youngest social media platforms having been found in 2010, but it’s expanding quickly, faster than it was predicted. Despite being young, Pinterest changed the way it works a number of times. As such it’s much more difficult to crack. But, nothing is impossible. Finding a following can be a monumental task, but at the same time very rewarding, if you’re patient. Gaining fans is a notoriously slow process , especially if you’re not really sure what you are doing.

In order to gain a huge number of followers there are some steps you can take:

pinterest original pinPin original things.

Most of the content on this social media platform is consisted of repins. That basically means that a lot of the same stuff is out there constantly. Posting original content can work in your favor, so try to do just that. The more aesthetically stunning a pin is the more likely is to be repined. Also, you should use at least four or five hashtags to make the description long (but not too long) and interesting. When you are pinning a photo, change the default name to something interesting since that can have an effect on the visibility of your pin too.

Pin content posted by others

pinterest re pin itNot every post you make has to be an original one. In order to gain followers, you need to be an active participant in the community. It’s recommended to pin up to 30 posts per day. You don’t want to clog up the feed which your fans see, but at the same time, you don’t want to bore them with your content, as they might decide to unfollow you.

Commenting on top pins is another good way to put yourself out there and get noticed. Comment on the popular pins with something funny or simply say how you feel about that. People like honesty and humor so this will definitely get you noticed.

Organize your boards

You need to organize your boards neatly. If you’re a fashion blogger, try organizing your boards by type of shirts, skirts, pants or by collections. Organizing them by color is also a neat idea since in fashion color is important and different people like different colors. If you are a food blogger, then simply organize them by the types of dishes or contents used to make those dishes. pinterest boards

Join groups

Pinterest is all about collaborating. If you pin your pins to the group you want you are essentially collaborating with the like-minded people, and they might repin your stuff. If you don’t like groups offered on the website don’t be afraid to make your own group. If people like the group they will join. pinterest-group-boards

The most important thing is completing your profile. You would not believe how many people simply forget to do this. When something is pinned by you, people will look over your profile wanting to find out more about you. Because of that, be sure that you fill out your name, location, and the most important thing – your website.

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