Instagram, one of the most popular social networks, attracts more brands with each day than any other social platform. The reason why it’s so successful at luring major brands to its platform is because of its advertising potential. But no matter how effective your advertising strategy is, you won’t get far unless you have a wide audience.

Most Instagrammers are searching for one thing alone. How to increase the follower numbers. As you’ve noticed, getting Instagram followers fast isn’t an easy task. This is why there are so many strategies that guarantee success. Unfortunately, only a few of them actually deliver.


One relatively new method of gaining followers is becoming increasingly popular due to its success.  It’s closely associated with following major brands, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Just like with any other strategy for gaining followers on Instagram, this one too requires time and effort.

The first step, however, is understanding how it works. So without further ado, let’s elaborate and describe in detail how you can use major brands to increase your followers number on Instagram.

Learning the basics

Before you can start implementing techniques from this guide,you must first understand the concept of acquiring followers via major brands. The goal is to get attention from a major brand that’s still rising, but way ahead of your reach. This can be done by interacting with their posts, frequently commenting and liking their photos.

Once they notice you, or rather once you’ve spent enough time showing affection to their cause, you should send a following request. It’s not easy to get your following request approved; this is why you should pay attention to each step of this guide. After you’ve become a follower, you’ll have access to their follower list.


From there on it’s as simple as picking their followers and waiting for a following request from them. But now, you’re a long way from stealing their followers. So let’s start from step one and work our way to finalizing the process of acquiring followers from major brands.

Choosing an adequate brand

This whole process depends on the first step, and how successful you are at spotting the right brand. Remember that you’re not looking for just any brand, but only those that are away from the spotlights of fame. So look for brands that aren’t at the top of the list of most popular brands of Instagram, but rather a couple of ranks bellow that.

The best place to start looking is in the list of followers of highly popular major brands and companies such as Nike, National Geographic, Victoria’s Secret, 9GAG, NASA or any other. To get free Instagram fans, you’ll be utilizing the same technique as the accounts that follow those major brands.


So once you get a list of potential targeted brands from the list of most popular accounts, it’s time for step two. Before we continue, let’s elaborate why it’s important not to pick the most rated brands for acquiring their followers.

First of all, they will figure out what you’re doing as this technique is widely known among major brands. After all it’s what got them fame on Instagram in the first place. Secondly, these major brands invest thousands of dollars on advertisement and use software that can track your behavior on this social network.

So in most cases, they’ll initiate a countermeasure that will make it harder for you to acquire their followers. And finally, in most cases, you won’t even get in their follower list. And being in their follower list is almost as important as the first step of this guide.

Reaching out to your targeted brand’s audience

Once you’ve successfully infiltrated in the list of closely selected fans, it’s time to get what you need. These relatively popular major brands have more followers than they can use. So, you can easily justify stealing a couple of them, as you’ll be able to interact with each and every account from that list.

Head to their follower list, and start sending following requests. Again, ignore extremely popular account from that list as they won’t return the favor and follow you back. Now, it’s all about waiting. Soon after you’ve completed this process, following each step from this guide, you’ll start noticing notifications of following requests.


Now, you’re probably wondering why would they blindly follow you back just because you sent them a following request? Well, it all comes down to step one, and your hard work of interacting with posts of the targeted brand. The followers of your targeted major brand will, without a doubt, check your activity on posts of the same brand that you’ve followed.

How successful you were with interacting with their posts, will determine the number of returned following requests from their audience. It sounds complicated, but it really isn’t. You’re basically acting as a closely associated brand with an already popular major brand, in order to get the attention of their followers and get a portion of their audience as well.

Practice makes perfect

Once you’ve successfully used this technique, and acquired a portion of targeted brand’s audience, it’s time to repeat the process with another brand. Remember to invest time into showing affection towards your targeted brand’s work.

The more successful you are in interacting with their posts, the more convincing you’ll be at presenting yourself as an associated brand. Their followers must think of you as a subsidiary brand or company. Otherwise, they won’t return the following request. Repeat this process as many times as you want and get thousands of followers on a daily basis.


When choosing the next target, it’s best to look at the competition of your primary target. This way, you’ll get a fresh audience, and they won’t double check your actions and activities. Naturally, from time to time, you will get across the same accounts from your previous targets, if there are too many ‘duplicates’ simple continue to your next target.

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