Since Instagram was released in October 2010, it became ultra-popular almost immediately attracting thousands of people on a daily basis. The reason why Instagram attracted vast numbers of people in such short period is that it was unique and has something new to offer at the time. Simple, yet interesting design of the interface allowed users to post photos and videos on any device with an internet connection. But the real reason why Instagram is the most popular social network is because it never stopped improving and adapting. From the moment it was released up until now, we’ve seen a bunch of both minor and major improvements and upgrades.



With its advertising potential, Instagram attracted business companies and brands as well, gaining even more users. And arecent feature that Instagram released makes advertising and marketing so much easier for those who are in that business. Marketer’s job on Instagram is to find, sell and promote or advertise in any other way products and brands. With this new feature that Instagram just released, marketers gain many benefits. Let’s see what ‘’save post’’ feature means for marketers and what benefits it brings.

Quick and Easy To Find

Whenever a marketer starts roaming the internet in search for good material to promote, they stop by at Instagram. Being that Instagram is basically a database of various pictures it’s a perfect place for a marketer to find what he needs and get free followers thus increasing the chances that he’ll come up with fresh material to promote. And now it became even easier for him to locate a brand and offer advertising services. By saving any post as a draft, he can return to that post at any time. Saved posts are found in the library; this gives a marketer an option to review the list of posts saved for later.

It Saves You Time

If you are in the marketing business, you know how important “time is of the essence” phrase is. Every second counts, and while you’re searching for brand or service to promote, every minute that passes by gives your competition a chance to succeed. With this new feature that enables you to save a post for later, you can become more organized and effective. How many times have you found a potentially perfect post, but kept scrolling down? The thing is that you never came back to re-review that post and give it another chance, simply because you forgot. And if you remembered that you stumbled upon a potentially lucrative opportunity you couldn’t find that post.


The ‘save post’ feature gives you the option of storing all that potentially lucrative opportunities in one place. This saves you time as you don’t have to stop and spend even a single second on thinking whether it’s a good idea to invest in that brand or not. After you’ve finished your “scrolling” run, and found out that you’ve depleted available material on Instagram for the day, you can go to your library and re-evaluate everything post that you’ve saved.

Simple to Use

The best thing about this feature is that it’s incredibly easy to use. All you need to do when you find a post that might be worth your time and effort is to click a few times. When you find a funny or otherwise interesting post just click on expand and save option, and this will make it available for later to see. It’s similar to ‘liked’ option that other social networks have, but it’s much more efficient. After you’ve saved that post you can easily view it in the library tab anytime you want. The same process of saving a post is conducted on a phone or an iPad.

Constantly Improving

An interesting thing about Facebook owning Instagram is that founders recognized the potential of both social network platforms and invested the same amount of time and effort on improving them. Instagram released more than ten new features in the past few months. This shows how important is the development of Instagram to Facebook’s founders. At this tempo, we can expect to see even more new features on Instagram in the upcoming weeks.



We can only presume that they will be as useful as the ones we are using now. They need to think about various groups of people and how to assure them that Instagram is the perfect social network for their business or private profiles. Until now we weren’t disappointed, and we hope that they’ll continue to surprise us with new features in the future.

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