How do you perceive a successful Instagram account? Is a successful account defined by sheer numbers of followers, or perhaps by the amount of interaction on your posts? Depending on what you intend to use Instagram for, there are several ways to achieve success and fulfill your goals. Imagine that all you have to do to maintain a successful account is share few photos and post a couple of comments on a daily basis.

But you have a long way to go from creating an account to becoming popular on Instagram. Luckily we’re here to give you some insight and help you improve your methods. All you have to do to learn all the secrets of becoming popular on this particular social network is scroll down and start reading.

Covering the basics

The first step is to successfully create an account. This might seem like an unnecessary tip, but many Instagrammers fail to understand the importance of filling out every section in your account settings. Your account serves as your business card. Everyone who needs basic info about you will head to your profile to check what type of post you have to offer, and after that try to find out a bit more about your profile.


It’s a base of operations for every Instagrammer. Think of it this way, you have thousands and thousands of followers, and post interesting material every day that gets you, even more, followers. But when every single one of your followers tries to find out a bit more about you, they have only basic info that includes gender, name, and username. This is a secure way to lose followers and eventually your fame. Sure, you can use free Instagram followers app to get more followers, and no one would judge you.

But let’s try to look for another solution. To avoid losing followers whose attention you’ve already earned, finish completing your profile. This includes adding a short story in the bio section, explaining what you’re actually about, adding a website (if you have one), setting the authorization with other applications, etc. Only once you’ve filled out every section in the account setting should you continue following this manual on becoming successful on Instagram.

Posting and using hashtags

There is much to learn about hashtags and posting stunning photos if you know where to look. There is no faster way to success than learning from those who are already there on the top, right? So pick a few already successful account and start following them. If you pay attention to the quality of their photos and their posting schedule you’ll start to see a pattern. To save you some time, here is what you should be aiming for when posting.

First thing’s first, always go for quality rather than quantity. Having consistency in posting is important, but not important enough that you should disregard the quality of the material you’re posting. You need to create an audience that will rely on you to provide quality material on a daily basis. But keeping them in suspense can be a good thing, so don’t beat yourself up if you can’t post on a daily basis.


Edit every photo before you post it. This means that you should invest a considerable amount of time on adding effects and manipulating the colors on your photos so that they become close to perfect. Once you don’t know how to enhance your photo any further, then you’ll know it’s ready for posting.

Finding an appropriate hashtag to further improve the quality of your post is essential to your success. So instead of attaching a mildly interesting hashtag that should make your post more appealing, look for something that is a bit more related to what you’re posting. This will add depth to your concept of successful posting, and instead of just having a stunning photo, you’ll provide your followers with a background story as well.

Ideal time for posting

You might have noticed that all these successful Instagram accounts have a schedule of posting. If you monitor their activity for a while, you can notice that most of their posts appear in between 10 am and 12 pm and then later during the day after 17 pm. This is because everyone checks their Instagram account in the morning and in the afternoon.

Knowing this you can organize your posting schedule and create a routine so that you share your most tempting posts in the morning and during the afternoon. This way you’ll increase the chance of interaction with your post being that Instagrammers are mostly active during these hours.

Interacting with your audience

Next to figuring out the best posting schedule and maintaining the quality of your posts, there is also a matter of interaction that you should adhere to. By now you should have a steady flow of followers and a status of recognized Instagrammer. But your work isn’t done here. You need to keep that status, and the best way is to interact with your audience.

This means that once you notice that people are posting comments on your photos, you should acknowledge them by sharing a couple of comments of your own. Whenever you see a positive comment on your work, add a couple of words of praise and show appreciation for their compliments.


Remember those successful accounts that you’re following and learning from? You should post a comment on their posts as well every once in a while. The key is not to get carried away and start commenting on every post they share. Also, avoid hitting that like button on their posts. If you’ve achieved the status of Instagrammer that is being followed rather than following other, you should maintain it.

And showing too much appreciation towards other people’s work shows a lack of interest in creating your own. People have a special talent for noticing these kind of things.

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