There are many ways to earn money online and work from home. And although there are a couple of already known methods like freelancing or earning via online surveys there is another, more accessible method. Instagram is one of the most popular social networks nowadays and being that it attracts various major brands, corporations and successful companies it provides lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs to earn money.

But how exactly do you earn money by using Instagram? If you’re willing to find out and possibly implement some of these tips in your own business strategy, be sure to read through this guide.

Promoting a brand

Being popular on Instagram pays in many ways, but who would’ve thought that it can pay your bills as well? Apparently, major corporations and brands that are on the rise are willing to collaborate with small entrepreneurs with popular Instagram accounts. This can be your chance to get a piece from that pie and earn money without lifting a finger.


If you have an account on Instagram, a large audience that interacts with your posts and a couple of major brands in your following list, why not use that status to earn a couple of dollars? The biggest problem is to attract brands that are willing to use your social status on Instagram and your fame to promote their product.

Try focusing on building your status and expanding your reach to a wider audience. Once your popular enough and have over 10,000 followers, it’s time to look for sponsors. From the moment you find them, and they accept your business proposal, you’re officially in the advertising business.

By mentioning their brand in your post, recommending it to your audience and generally speaking of it as if you’re using it yourself, you’re helping it grow. Brands that own those products will pay a hefty amount of money for your indirect advertising services.

Selling pages

Similar to promoting a brand, you can use your fame to earn money by selling the account that you own, provided that you’re popular enough. Instagrammers tend to form their opinion based on other’s. So if you acquire a portion of followers that have enviable social status on Instagram, they will basically build you audience, as their followers will automatically follow you.


Once you have a high enough count of followers and have an audience that blindly interacts with your every post, it’s time to cash in that hard work and profile building. So how do you sell your account? Well, you don’t actually place an add saying ‘ I’m selling my Instagram account,’ although people do this as well.

You’re looking for brands and small business companies that are on the rise, and have difficulties with advertising their products. Because they are new to Instagram, don’t have a wide enough audience, they look for accounts that already have a large audience of followers that interact with their posts, so they don’t have to build that status.

Affiliate marketing

Similar to previous technique this one too is a promising one, provided that you’re familiar with the basic concept of trading with information. Everything is rendered via transformation of data into a digital resource. So on Instagram instead of promoting your own image or someone else’s work or product, you’re selling what the audience want to see.

Whenever you create something on Instagram that audience wants to see, you can find brands, sponsors or any already established business to re-compensate you for your services. So how to approach brands on Instagram and offer services?There are a couple of valid digital destinations where you can request for compensations for quality images. Trying on Twenty20 or Community Foam is equally advisable.

First, create a name for yourself. Create a niche for your posted material so that your audience starts to rely on the quality of your photo content. If you’re having trouble making a name for yourself on this popular social network, you can gain free Instagram followers today and increase your audience and fame.


There are many methods of acquiring them, although some are more questionable than other.When creating an album or posting on a daily basis, make sure to include only the best images with outstanding quality. Otherwise, you won’t be in a situation to make demands related to profiting with them.

Once you’ve contacted your sponsors, set the price on your advertisement and services, be sure to maintain the level of interaction with your audience. So there’s a lot of balancing in these scenarios where your resource is an image, an idea, thought, project for which in return your gain a percentage of the retail. It’s a vast social platform with countless possibilities and potentially financially beneficial opportunities.

Sell your fame for more glory

Next, to selling your ideas via photographs, advertising other images, mentioning products, you can also earn by increasing the count of your followers. Once the audience on Instagram gets used to seeing quality material on their feed each day, you can sell your already popular account and help another undeveloped business make a fortune.

This is a particularly interesting concept of earning on Instagram. It’s no secret that Instagrammers build popularity on a certain account. You can earn the surprising amount of money if you focus your attention on increasing your fame in order to sell that hard-earned social status on a social network.


It’s not just Instagram; people do this on other networks like Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter and virtually on any other platform where you collect followers. As long as there’s a statistic to show you how much you’re ideas are worth, and how much you’re being followed, you can earn money by making your account popular and then selling it.


Although there are many ways to earn online, the above mentioned are most profitable on asocial network such as Instagram. Any social platform that focuses on the advertisement of photo material will be great for these situations.

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