If you’ve been effective at setting up an Instagram account and using it to find  customers and new followers you might be looking for further tactics to speed up your efforts. Since engagement on Instagram is 19 times higher than on Facebook or Twitter, it’s certainly ideal platform for small businesses. There are several reasons why every small business should have an Instagram account; therefore do not hesitate, start right now to promote your small business on Instagram. Here is short, yet effective starting guide for small business on Instagram: instagram-for-business

1.First steps

Instagram gives small business owners an opportunity to share everything their business. Find a good ratio between private posts and business posts. Even if you’re not obligate to use the account, you still need to make it, so place the same account name as the name of your company, product or brand. The same name will promote your small business on all social networks, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

2.Learn from others

Start to follow major leaders in your business or industry and be active, give your likes and comments. The more you interrelate with them, the more exchanges and positive comments you will receive. There are no shortcuts, if you want truly to promote your small business, you really need to be socially active person. For example, If you receive gifts from business partners in your industry, take a picture and make a post. That will connect you with other Instagram users, and create win-win atmosphere where everybody is gaining positive comments, likes and followers in Instagram.

3.Use right Hashtags

how-hashtags-impact-instagram-engagementHashtags are extremely important aspect of your Instagram success; they are carefully chosen keywords that are describing your product or brand. Try to learn about the most common hashtags of your industry, and try to make similar hashtags related to your product. On that way, your business will be easy searchable and you will generate large amount of views, likes and followers. Do not forget that your images will be viewed by all of your followers, so simple and easy to remember hashtag should help them to follow you in future.

4.Place a link in your post

Do not forget to place a link to your site or blog in every post you make on Instagram. That is extremely important for successful marketing. Statistics shows that such practice generates 24% more visits on main site or blog, then just placing info in form of text. Now you can add link to your image in only two clicks, it is simple and it will be very beneficial for your business.

5. Connect all your Social Media Accounts

social-media-iconsIf you want to create really successful Instagram marketing campaign, you should create synergy among all your accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. It is very important step as all your followers and viewers will instantly be noted about any new content on your accounts. Facebook has become a little complex and overwhelming, but Instagram is pleasingly easy to navigate and publish new content. By combining all social media networks you will eliminate such complicated posting procedures and with single Instagram post you will cover all relevant platforms.

Tell us what you think about this strategy, and if you have suggestions please contact us or write in comment section below.

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