If you are an artist, you are certainly wandering how to promote your art and paintings on Instagram? By promoting your art on Instagram, you can expand your audience and connect with other artists and gain a lot of followers as well. Art is becoming widely open for everyone, and empowers artists to offer quality both offline and online. An effective artist in today not only need to create art, but also must concentrate on promoting, placing Instagram to be the best online platform for such purpose.


Art community is quickly developing in the online world via Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and similar online sharing portals. Nowadays you can find a way to connect with other artists and it will lead into opportunities unavailable in an old-fashioned setting. Instagram lends artists to concentrate on sharing art with family, friends, and all others. According to statistics, artists frequently sell their paintings from their Instagram accounts. Artists now use Instagram as a way to show their procedure and to sell their images. If you think about the viewers you could possibly grasp through the Internet versus gallery, you will understand how significant Instagram is.

Underneath are some modest ideas of how to promote your art on Instagram:

Instagram is an outstanding way to show your followers your art, as well as progress. Show entire creative flow, your studio, ideas, paintings, inspiration for your art and final images. Always take care to post only high quality images, so that they can reflect your painting on canvas. Particularly due to the numerous use of filters, it is easy to make your image look attractive, but you do not want to lie your vievers, therefore we do not recommend any Instagram filters. It is important to know how often and when to post your images on Instagram. It is important to post frequently enough so that your followers are engaged, so that your images are shared. But, if you are hesitating whether to post or not just to fill your daily quota, it may be better to skip. Always go for highest quality. A service that manages Instagram posts, Latergramme, studied 69,000 posts to define when images received the most comments and likes and it was in period of 3 a.m. and 7 p.m. EST to post your images. The worst times are 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Also, Friday is apparently the best day of the week to post on Instagram.


In order to positively use Instagram to expand art, you will need to interact with your followers, search and follow other artists. Instagram is an outstanding place to gain motivation as you can see work of other artists and it is much faster to find your audience. If you have a huge group of followers, consider initiating a special hashtag art campaign. You can do this with a weekly tag or an event, like an #Artist campaign or #PickArt competition. There are many ways to use hashtags and this can help spread your art, as other users will use the hashtag and increase the number of followers.


The only reason you may be using Instagram is to support your artwork, but to involve a long-term followers, you do not want to create an atmosphere that you only want to sell your art. A lot of artists found great financial success over Instagram and they realized that it is often spontaneous process. A good marketing trick is that you first try to build relationship with your followers/future clients and after some time offer them to buy your paintings. An outstanding way to promote your art is to concentrate on all phases of your creative process. It can also lead to partnerships with other brands and artists. The potential for marketing on Instagram is enormous, and if your work is decent, people will begin to follow your posts.

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