How many times have you reached for your phone in a bus or at work just to kill a couple of minutes? Most of that time you probably spend scrolling down, checking other people’s news feed. There is actually a way to make money out of your Instagram feeds. Many Instagram users miss this every day opportunity to cash out their posts, simply because they don’t know how to do it. But what if I told you that there is a way to earn thousands of dollars by spending only a couple of hours daily on Instagram?



With over 100 million active users per month Instagram is the perfect place for companies to attract people to their brand. On the other side, this leaves you with the opportunity to advertise their brands and get paid by those companies that are trying to expand their market. How much money you will get from a certain number of followers depends on what brand you represent. So if you want to get that type of job posting photos or promoting important brands here is how.

Choose brands that you want to work with and reach out to them

The amount of money that you can get from your followers depends solely on how successful is the brand that you are representing. Bigger companies are naturally prepared to pay more but it’s harder to get recognized by them.
And since you never know who might find your style of posting worth paying, you should reach out to them on a regular basis. So get a list of your favorite brands and write it down.


Next step would consider that you directly interact with their posts, and upload relevant material to their content. This way you increase the chance that they will notice you and possibly hire you to represent their brand.

Use apps to promote your services

Once you get a high enough number, you can start promoting your work and make use of those free Instagram follows by cashing out your posts. Being that 1,000 followers is a number that will get you in the game, try reaching for companies via apps. A recent application user related research shows that Instagram users that have more than 1000 followers can earn as much as 40 pounds per post.

Other, more successful, like professional models and players can get around 2000 pound per posts. So check out how much your work is worth and get and connected with brands by using apps like Takumi or InstaBrand.

Other ways to get noticed

If you think that the quality of your posts alone can attract companies and brands you can try including product in your posts. Instead of contacting them, let them contact you. How to make them come to you? It’s actually quite simple. Pick a few brands that you want to promote and use them in your everyday posts.


Whether you are promoting a particular fast food restaurant with your favorite burger combo, or Scotch brand, involve those products in every post you make. Remember, you are trying to convince them that their brand is an essential part of your life style. Once you get a percentage of their followers they will most certainly contact you and make an offer.

Get sponsorship

Alternatively you don’t have to change your lifestyle in order to get noticed and get paid for your Instagram posts. Use the things that are around you to attract companies. Everything is a brand form sunglasses, phone models, makeup and cosmetics. You only need to emphasize the importance of those items in your life. So think about how to get a quality picture that shows you without blurring out the important stuff from the picture.

Sell your profile

Once you get tired of ups and downs, the thrill of posting and everyday struggle to prove yourself you can sell your hard earned influence. You would be surprised how often people create a profile in order to gain publicity on it and sell it afterwards.

Focus on creating as many successful profiles as you want if you are a multitasker, or on perfecting them one by one. The higher number of followers and the more influence you have on that profile, the more money you get. So if you think that those hours of hard work, posting and editing photos everyday won’t pay off your wrong. Start building up your profile and make the most of your Instagram time.

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