Inspiration can be found everywhere around us, but only if you know where to look. Nature, for example, and everything that it creates can be a great source of inspiration. Many famous artists turn to nature’s creations when everything else fails. Luckily for you and your creativity, you don’t need to spend a day in nature to get inspired. You have Instagram and its impressive database of photos from various sources to spark your creative process. But how can a social media inspire you to create?


The whole purpose of Instagram is to encourage users to focus on the quality of images when posting. Knowing this and accepting that there is some quality imagery on Instagram you only need to pick your source and start absorbing ideas. So whether you’re an artist yourself or just a person that appreciates art, you’ll always need someone to look up to and get your daily feed of Inspirational content. Here are our top choices when it comes to getting quality, inspirational content on your daily feed.


If you want inspirational, positive, content on your daily feed, look no further. The name says it all. It’s important that we feed our mind with positive thoughts. And what better way to subconsciously absorb positive content then with Instagram. This account is rich with insightful and inspirational quotes from famous celebrities, philosophers, scholars, peace activists and many other great minds. You can learn a lot from this type of accounts on Instagram, in particular how they get free likes and comments without having to follow anyone in return. These accounts only provide what every optimistic person searches for.


Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. If you ever find yourself in a tight spot, you can always rely on @humansofny to inspire you to find ways to overcome your obstacles and problems. Uplifting stories of people overcoming everyday problems will surely get you thinking outside of the box. There is always a different perspective; it’s on you to find out which one suites you best. Start following @humansofny and get a daily feed of uplifting photos and stories. Next to getting inspired to achieve great things yourself, these photos will also bring back your hope in humanity.



Do you like food? Well, everybody does, but not everyone appreciates a great healthy dish in the same way. Those that are really into culinary arts will find plenty of inspiration for inventing their next special dish on this Instagram profile. Your mouth will never drool like this, and you won’t find better ideas for culinary arts anywhere else on Instagram. Next to videos of short recipes for the tastiest, mouth-watering dishes, you’ll also find plenty of quotes from famous chefs, as well as interesting tips. Do not go to their profile when extremely hungry; it may cause insatiable hunger and dehydration due to excessive drooling. You’ve been warned. However, it’s totally safe to follow this profile and have a couple of their posts in your daily feed.


The one, the only, Jimmy Marble. This amazing photographer creates stunning images using beautiful models and manipulating light and effects in a fascinating way. His work is truly inspiring, so if you’re a rising star or genuinely in love with photography, this is one of the accounts that you want to follow. His exceptional talent and style made him extremely famous in a record period of time. There is quite a lot to learn from his work, so if you’re in the process of learning photography, you don’t want to miss out on his work. Having a couple of posts in your daily feed will do wonders for your creative process, and eventually, improve the quality of your own artwork. His work appeared in many famous galleries around the globe, so it’s safe to assume you’ll be learning from one of the finest photographers of today.



Another great artist that every photography enthusiast should have in their ‘following’ list. His work is often described as a mix of mystery and approachability. This unique style of photography made him extremely famous. By specializing in landscape, portraits, and lifestyle in photography, this artist made a name for himself without anyone’s help. Hi is a self-taught photographer, so if you’re walking the path of self-education Jared Chamber’s work will definitely inspire you. Not only that you can learn quite a lot from his unique style of photography, but you can pick up a few useful tips about lighting, frames, and effects by examining his work. It goes without saying that his work should only use as an example of how you can approach photography to create your own unique style.


Instagram is all about improving your photography skills, right? And what better way to improve than to learn from the best. This is one of the most popular accounts that focuses on capturing the essence of beauty throughout San Francisco. If you don’t know much about photography, but you’re willing to learn, start following this account, and you’ll be learning from one of the best. The simplicity of his photos is what makes his work so great. To capture a perfect photograph of a landscape you need patience. You need to wait for the right moment, and be prepared to snap a photo quickly so that you capture the exact moment that you’ve been waiting for.



Another extremely popular account with over 180 thousands of followers. If you’re into advertising or have your own brand, this account will teach you a thing or two about marketing and branding. It features products that are on sale, but the way they present them is truly inspiring. By placing their products in their natural habitat surrounded by everyday items, they present the situation as it is. Their advertisement doesn’t look fake, and this is exactly what separates them from the rest in the ad business. You will never lack inspiration if you start following this account.

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