The art world is constantly changing by the day ever since people started making it. In the past, only some people used to do art, but with the advances in technology, art has become something anyone can do. Today, we can say that Instagram has changed the world of art the most in the last couple of years.

But why is it so? What does Instagram have to offer that other social media can’t? Well, we are going to go over all the factors that make this social network the most influential in the world of art.

Instagram allows you to:

1. Address your audience directly

The biggest plus of sharing your art on Instagram is that you can exchange thoughts with your audience directly. You can discuss and talk about your art with people which helps them understand what you wanted to say. This all started with Facebook, and it was passed on to Instagram.


Social media works around the traditional ways of communication, and it allows you to speak directly with all of your fans and followers. You can tell them more about yourself and your work, and they will understand you better. What’s even more important, they can ask you about a piece you’ve posted it, and you can sell it directly to them online.

That’s all fine and dandy, but if you connect with someone influential in the world of art, your career may take off instantly. There’s this story about two artists that became rich and famous because a famous art director found them on Instagram. You won’t believe how powerful these social networks are when it comes to sharing art.

2. Get recognized without a gallery exhibition

If an artist wanted to share his work with the rest of the world before social media, he had to find a public gallery that’s going to display it. That is possible only for a small number of artists that catch someone’s eye. Well, today, things work a little different. You don’t need to wait for the art elite to contact you and offer you a gallery exhibition anymore.


You can reach out to many more people alone through social media, which is more than enough validation these days. If you are followed by many people, your name and art are being talked about, which means you don’t need any galleries to get recognized. Instagram is the most popular network for sharing art because it allows you to manage your virtual gallery.

You get to act as the dealer and curator while your followers take the role of collectors and critics. Even though exhibitions in a gallery are still very prestigious, they are not necessary, and you can do fine without them. There are various apps and software available that’s going to help you get free Instagram fans and further increase your reach.

3. Get around gallery commissions

Working around galleries and art dealers by using Instagram and other social networks means that there is no middle man and you don’t have to pay for any commissions. You can set your profile on Instagram to public and get the full price for your work when you sell it. You will get considerably more money this way.

4. Avoid the Elite

The days of sweet-talking the elite and listening to arrogant collectors and critics before you even sell a piece are over. You no longer have to play by their rules to be recognized. Some artists don’t like to be exposed in public viewings, and some of them are simply too introvert for public galleries.


They can now use all the advantages of social media and have lots of success without ever leaving their home. Of course, you will still have to mingle with people to some extent, but it feels good to know that that’s only one little aspect of the art world.

5. Finance the projects yourself

Making art is often very expensive, and many artists depend on sponsors when it comes to money. Well, the social media is again changing the rules. There are thousands of passionate art fans just waiting for artists that can create beautiful pieces. If you are one of them, you can share your plans with people through social media and link them to your Kickstarter page.

The people who like your work will then donate some money, and you’ll have enough to realize what you wanted. Fundraising is normally a long and time-consuming task that sometimes doesn’t even work, but online communication changes all of that. You can quickly gather funds and spread the word about your work much faster than before.

6. You have less control

As you might imagine, not all aspects of social media are positive. For example, many artists are concerned about their work and for a good reason. If someone makes a screenshot of your piece and it gets shared all over the internet, your name will get lost in the process, along with the credit for the work.


With that said, you shouldn’t stop using Instagram and other networks to share your art. If you want to protect your work, just add a watermark with your name to the photos you’ve posted. There are many easy-to-use apps that will allow you to do that and by doing it – you know that your work is protected.

The other issue with social media is that buyers lose interest if you don’t manage your profile well. You need to publish a perfect mix of professionalism and your personality to keep them interested. That can be tricky sometimes, but you can find lots of tips on how to do that online.

Imagine going back to how things were

At this point in time, the worst thing you can do as an artist is to deny the power of social media in the world of art. The traditional art world is changing in a right way. Use what’s given to you to reach out to as many people as possible and you will be able to sell your work quickly. With some marketing skills, your career could blast off to the moon in no time!

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