Did you ever consider creating a new account on Instagram whose sole purpose would be to advertise the new brand that you are trying to make available on market? Instagram is an application that allows users to share photos as well as videos, it is like twitter with photos rather than text. Starting your own business on Instagram is not an easy task, with all that competition that you may find, you are bound to have a difficult time acquiring Instagram followers free instantly. The whole point is to create something visually appealing that catches the eye with a clear and recognizable goal. So here are 5 tips to help your business succeed on Instagram:business instagram profile

  1. Try starting with a creative concept with crystal clear goal. Be specific when creating a brand that you want to be recognized and approved, bring something unique that will be more than just an ad for your product, something that will stay in people’s mind long after they leave your page. Making them think about your product every second until eventually they go and buy or order it.
  2. Make your photos interesting, its obvious right? Rather than just using a product image, take pictures of people using your product, and include interesting backgrounds. If you can use a photo that tells a story, explaining why the person needed the product showing all the difficulties in life without it.
  3. Use hashtags. Instagram lets your use hashtags just like twitter and facebook, so in your photo’s description use hashtags for your brand, the product names, but also for appropriate topic for your audience that match your product.business account on Instagram
  4. Humanize your content. This may sound like a well-worn phrase but it makes sense. People feel comfortable to do business with people they like, trust and know. So use your images to show that you are real person with real emotions, rather than just posers pretending to be happy in a commercial. Use some behind the scene videos and photos of your product being made or company parties or people just enjoying your products. For the fun of it throw a couple of images of brainstorming sessions, creating an image of hardworking employees that say no to lack of inspiration.
  5. Engage your audience, don’t just concentrate on posting photo/videos every three hours on a daily basis. Respond to comments of your content, and make contact with other Instagram users that are members of your audience. By doing this you will make your followers feel important, and it is more likely that you will earn their trust this way.
  6. Create contests and giveaways. Get your staff together and come up with a way to motivate your audience to post photos using your products or service. User with the the funniest and most interesting photo will be given the award. If you are giving away your product, ask users to post videos and explain why they should win and how will they use that prize if they do. Get creative with this and have fun.

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