Many business owners and social media personalities want you to think that in order to get many followers you have to spend a lot of money. Well, they are wrong.  Twitter is simple and basically famous for two things – tweets, and more importantly, followers.

twitter followers

In order to get many followers on twitter let’s start from the basics. You need to update your profile picture. A picture is worth a thousand words. Put up a picture that shows to the world how you would act in front of them.

Second, tweet, and tweet a lot. The more you do this the more fans you tend to have. And with having many tweets the better are the chances of the people hearing about you, or you might even get retweeted by someone with many followers. As it happens the people who follow that person might just want to follow you.

Third, of you, want people to follow you, you most follow them too. Do this, follow the people who share your interest and build a network of like-minded people.


Try to be funny and original. Do not market your product all the time. Use hashtags and write your tweets in caps sometimes. Present yourself the best you can.

Engage in hot topics and discussions, voice your opinion. You never know who might see your reply and retweet you.

Of course, this is a slow process and it takes time. If you want to accumulate a huge number of fans in short time take a look at some of the free websites where you can get more twitter followers for free:


This is one of the best websites out there which can help you to obtain a great number of followers quickly. Simply log in with your username and password which you use on Twitter, and the rest is obvious and self-explanatory. You might have to follow a few people from there to get you some points, but when you do that, you’ll get to spend them and it’s a matter of time when you’ll get followed by many people.

Twitter-followersJet Followers

One of the best if not the best website to get what you want in a short time. It works on the same principle as previously mentioned 500Followers but it all happens much more quickly and in a matter of minutes you can get 20 points which you can spend on getting yourself 20 fans.


Twiends is is, simply put, a follower exchange network. You need to follow other users and in return, you earn the seeds. When you do, just spend the seeds on your new fans.


This website is somewhat a clone of Twiends but you can earn points in many ways, not just by following other people, which is great. It’s not as tedious and you have fun while you earn your points which you’ll spend later.

In short, be funny, be yourself, communicate with a large number of people, but don’t be afraid to take a shortcut here and there to secure yourself a large number of followers.

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