There are more than 500 million users on Instagram that share more than 95 million images and leave over 4 billion likes each day. There’s no denying that this platform has a vast and significant community. Following favorite brands is something that more than 50% of Instagram users do, while around 40% use this website for product research. Instagram is a dream come true for companies and marketers that want access to a growing young audience since two-thirds of users are 35 or under.

Instagram has great potential as a platform for digital advertisement. This is because of the way brands can interact with their followers. Instead of coming in from an angle of product promotion, they promote a lifestyle featuring their products.

To make things even better, Instagram has come up with Sponsored Ads. They give marketers an excellent way to engage Instagram’s massive user base. These Ads are no different than regular posts except that they have a blue “sponsored” tag. You can also see them, even if you are not following the account they are from.

If you are still in the phase of trying to grow your following, you might want to try a free Instagram followers trial to see how easy it is to boost numbers. Once you establish a strong base, you can take advantage of the marketing opportunities Instagram offers.

To help you make a more creative Instagram add, we’re going to show you with a few easy steps. You will need two elements to make great ads. These elements are information and inspiration. Inspiration gets viewers to pay attention to your photo and information will drive them to action. When these elements work together well, you can experience impressive results.




Always try to present objects and people in a real-life setting. Doing this will help people relate to your ads. When thinking about how to design a creative Instagram ad that will stand out, you should keep these things in mind:

#1 Use Composition

Eye pleasing photos are the result of knowing how to use composition. Straightening, symmetry, balancing elements and the rules of thirds are all part of it. If you’re not familiar with these terms, you should be. They can have a significant impact on the quality of your images and the way people perceive them.

The rule of thirds is a basic rule of composition that you should try to follow. The rule of thirds takes advantage of the eye’s tendency to get drawn to specific parts of a photo. With this method, you divide the photo into thirds which leave you with nine parts total. The focal point of your image, whether it’s an object or person, should be at an intersection or along the grid lines.

If you don’t have experience with this technique, you can enable grid lines on your smartphone camera to use as a guide. However, you should always experiment and remain creative while learning.

#2 Chose a focal point

Everyone takes in a lot of information on a daily basis, so it’s important to know what viewers need to take away from your ads. People might only see your image for a few seconds before moving to the next one. Thus, you should avoid making pictures that are too complex. Instead, strive for simplicity by producing images that have a focus on one, maybe two things.

If you need to include text in your picture, you should make sure that it works with the focal point of your photo. Besides that, you should use one, maybe two fonts and use them throughout the posts you make.

#3 Give a perspective that’s intimate

To have better engagement, make your viewers feel like they’re in your photo. You can achieve this with a perspective that helps people visualize the experience of using a particular product. With this method can even help viewers feel closer to a location that relates to an experience your brand offers.


#4 Inspire viewers with emotion

People might forget what you said or what you did, but they never forget how you made them feel. If your images inspire emotion, like curiosity or happiness, your ads will become memorable. This also leads to positive brand associations.

#5 Be subtle with your logo

Instead of putting a large logo on your image, take a more nuanced approach to making photos for ads. The content of your photographs should come first on Instagram. If you can’t include your logo in pictures, you can focus on an iconic part of your brand, like recognizable colors.

#6 Be Consistent

To help you brand be more noticeable and recognizable to your viewers in an ocean of other brands, you need to be consistent. You should strive for the same look across the board. Make sure that the filters, composition, and colors you use to make your photos look like they are part of one Instagram campaign. That way people have another way to recognize your ads. If you are making more than one ad, you can stay consistent by using a similar composition of objects or position for captions.

#7 Don’t use too much text

Instagram is a platform based on images, so ads should focus on the photo while the text should be in the form of a caption. To make an ad that stands out with a specific idea, you can put text into your photo. Just try to keep your message concise, and covering no more than 20% of the image that you are using.

Sometimes you won’t be able to use the same composition in photos for ads. In that case, you should try to use the same style or font while experimenting with text positioning. This way you can find a place for your copy that compliments the image you are using.



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