Building relationships with the right influencers increase the visibility of your target market and can expand your reach on Instagram. Best of Instagram campaigns use a mix of owned, earned and paid media and when used properly. Beside paid media marketing which can get you Instagram followers fast, influencers on Twitter and Instagram can be leveraged to help this promotion in the media paid. Instagram influencers can be one of the most effective and intelligent forms of social media marketing. You can build a great degree of authenticity in your campaigns of Instagram if you use the right targeted influencers who follow the brand guidelines to communicate the message of your brand. influencers1. Identify influencers on Instagram – Working with a network generally facilitates the process because recruitment is very laborious. Just because someone has a large audience, does not mean that person wants to monetize its channel. Chances are you already know some of the influencers in your industry and they can even be in your personal network.The influencers are difficult to connect with because they receive many proposals. Typical influencers are – Bloggers who write about ecology, people who have written books on the health and eco-nutrition, organizations supporting the cause of green natural future, speakers at conferences, magazines that publish articles about ecology.Know that all influencers do not want to create brand, sponsored content, but the networks have a database of people who have raised their hands to say they are for it. Many influential are senior in high demand, and some only work with third parties to enter into agreements.. From other side specialized prescribers give brands and agencies lot of publicity because influencers know that they receive opportunities.006
2. Establish connection – The next step is to communicate with influencers in your niche, and other influential persons. For larger programs, utilizing a specific network of influencer allows you to have a communications point for managing directors of the program. We recognize that some influential people are what I call these people do not seek to become influencers in itself as accidental influencers. Some programs influencers of ours have an influencer, while others may have more than 100 influencers. In these cases, using networks that have internal communication systems in place with influencers can be extremely helpful. Based on the research of June 2015, 80% of influencers strongly recommend working with a network. Their popularity brought them into the influencer times, and, as such, they can only be -minded business. Some may not even work as a social influencer / blogger full time. They can not respond to reader comments; check email regularly, etc. 007
3. The contracts! – Do not forget about contracts and payments! Because influencers subcontracting networks on behalf of the organization /brand, make one payment and simply proceed with negotiations and the process of a contract through legal reviews. Types of campaigns that are most difficult to recruit for are those that have strict exclusivity requirements those that are geo-targeted. This allows us to save billable hours, which are very valuable. Developing a market with a partner network influencer instead of several contracts with several influencers is a definite advantage. In fact agencies, networks and brands all need to work together in the process of identifying influencers.
Influencers share authentic brand message with their audience, and selected voice should be representative of that mark. When determining right influencer consider social reputation, legal form, the character of influencers as religion and political position.
Influencer marketing can be one of the most important tools to succeed in your business, but it is hard work and dedication. It makes sense for your company to use this approach, save your time and focus on the ones that really work for you.

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