One of the most important questions in modern marketing is how to make sure your Instagram account can feed into your Facebook Page? Networking and Social media doesn’t have to be all about sharing links and status updates. In fact, it is pretty simple to have an Instagram account connected with Facebook profile, there are several ways you can connect Instagram with Facebook and we will go through each step in this article.001
In this article, we will present you 7 steps that will computer connect your Instagram and Facebook account, while concentrating on practical issues that tend to be short guide. Let’s start with first step!
First Step- connect your account! The first step is connecting or in other words the logging in your Instagram app. You will usually complete this step by connecting to your Instagram account via your smartphone. When you are login in to your Instagram account, you should repeat the process by logging in to your Facebook account. However, it is important to check if you are logged with administrator privileges.
Second Step- Open Instagram! Just click on the Instagram icon, it is usually placed on right tab, to be more precise,on the bottom, so you just need to click on that icon and click in the right corner.hyg
Step three – Let us examine Settings! In next step you will define different options about your sharing settings. Just click on the button with that name and proceed to the next step.

Step Four – FB! Sign in to your Facebook profile by clicking of Facebook icon/button. Simply follow the procedure and when you are finished, come back to Instagram. Be patient, wait a little until the procedure is finished. Check the Sharing option, and you should click on NO if you do not want to share Instagram likes with your Facebook friends, and if you want to enable it, just click on YES. Notice, that this is important from Facebook perspective, your Instagram followers are already enabled to see Facebook content. Once again, be sure to check does FB button pointing to your FB profile. If that is not the case, make sure that your profile is under FB button.wall
Step Five – Wall! Check if your Facebook button is showing default option, in this case it is “Wall”. If that is not the case, be sure to enable it to default state.
Step Six – FB list! In this step simply click on Wall and you will be able to analyze and see complete list of FB pages that you currently have. In other words, it will display all pages where you are admin, so you need to browse and select the FB page that you want to connect. In the case that you want to connect more than one page, you must repeat the procedure for each individual page.
Step Seven-  Let the sharing begins! Finally, let us combine all by clicking on Facebook/Sharing/Options/Profile! That is basically all what you should do and it is the right time to test it!


To test it properly, you should first sign out from the both applications, Facebook and Instagram and then unistall them! Yes, you it heard well, uninstall them and then install them again. After you installed Facebook and Instagram App, turn your phone off and then turn it on. With this step the procedure is finished and you can enjoy in full benefit of your connected accounts.
We are sure that this practical and simple guide will help you to properly connect your Facebook page/account with Instagram and start intensive marketing campaign that will save you a lot of time and increase Instagram followers, comments and likes.

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