Instagram is one of the hottest social networks for sharing content and making permanent connections with people from all around the world. It is visited by hundreds of million people each day for the daily dose of new content and fresh information.

This popularity brought big business to Instagram too. They found it to be a perfect network to show and advertise their products and services. The pure content approach makes Instagram perfect for making simple and impactful advertisement campaigans.


The stats have shown that this approach increased the people interaction with big brands on Instagram for up to 10 times more than what they were achieving on Facebook.

In order to analyse all of that activity and measure the success of their interaction, businesses use a variety of analytics tool in order to better understand how their marketing strategy affects their target group.

We will show you to some of the best of those analytics tools available. You can use them to get more Instagram followers instantly and grow your business faster.

Using inbuilt analytics to understand your target group

First of all, the tools that anyone can use are the inbuilt functions that Instagram offers by default. Businesses can monitor the number of their followers and analyse the number of likes and engagement that their posts generate.

Monitoring these numbers is a good sign if the marketing strategy is paying off or if it has no effect. By sharing different types of content, it is possible to gain insight on what type of posts attract the most attention and gain highest levels of interest.

This is an inbuilt Instagram feature so we suggest businesses to use them in the first place to get a feel for how good their interaction with the followers is.

Squarelovin is a feature rich platform that specialises in showing in-depth data of all of the activity made on Instagram profiles. It effectively gathers all of the activity of owned pages and gathers it in one place. This way businesses can view all the relevant statistics in one place and have them easily analysed.

The functionality doesn’t stop there as Squarelovin also enables businesses to publish and control their Instagram posts from within its interface and even monitor the interest and activity in real-time.


For those businesses that want to link their commerce directly to their Instagram posts, Squarelovin includes and easy to use a link system that will lead your followers directly from your posts to your products, with one click.

It is one of the most detailed Instagram data analysis platforms which provides in-depth stats of all activity on Instagram displayed in an easy to understand and use pages. A complete insight of monthly user interaction, posts activity and hashtag impact is displayed and sorted into categories.

Furthermore, the data can be sorted into days and weeks for detailed analysis. This way business can track their marketing efficiency throughout the entire year. Squarelovin is one of the most detailed Instagram data report tools available.

Simply Measured is a powerful tool for analysing social media data stream and making sense of all of it for a better marketing reach with Instagram followers. Some of the data tracking features are free and some of them require a paid plan for a bigger scope of data tracking.

Nevertheless, even the free plan offers enough to give businesses plenty of insight on how they interact with their target group. There is a detailed graph of relevant data that will show your top posts and the peak times when your page achieved the biggest activity.


Also, shown is the interest rate gathered with hashtags as well as the best times and dates when your post achieved maximum user interaction.

Some of the other features include the insight into the overall interaction with the follower base, multiple account data performance analysis, display and comparison with the competitive businesses and the overall impact and engagement of the use of hashtags with the posts.

Simply Measured is a great beginners tool for businesses that are starting up on analysing their performance on Instagram. It will help improve the focus of their reach with the followers even when using the free plan.

Quintly represents another great data analysis platform available for businesses looking to improve their performance on Instagram. It also provides detailed statistics of the reach your posts have with your followers. There is a neat dashboard where everything is displayed for easier data analysis.

All of the content that is shared on the Instagram page is thoroughly analysed and there is a detailed report on individual post activity, hashtag reach and even the maximum traffic peaks the followers achieved on certain dates. Comparing page activity performance with the rest of the competition is possible too with in-depth statistics for detailed comparison.


It can even display the stats for other networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, YouTube and LinkedIn. This makes Quintly a great all-in-one analysis tools since most of the businesses have multiple network presence.

There is plenty to do in Quintly using the free account however for the best data analysis we recommend using the paid service which will provide more useful features that can be used to grow their follower reach.

Sprout Social offers more features for any type of business that is looking for a complete turnaround of their performance on Instagram. It gives total data control by showing dynamic reports which are both detailed and easy to understand.

These dynamic reports can be customised in order to allow businesses to focus on the priority goals they want to achieve. By measuring follower growth and the increase or decrease of engagement, they can build upon their success with the data that the dynamic reports show.

Sprout Social offers connectivity to both Facebook and Twitter for a centred data analysis.The platform is accessible with the online interface and there are even apps for iOS and Android devices for monitoring data on the go.


These tools will make any business get insight for what is the best approach to gain attention with their target groups. This way it will be easier to present products and services in creative and most effective ways. Instagram continues its growth so it is best for businesses that they use data analytics to speed up their growth.

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