Besides the fact that Instagram is fun to use video and photo posting, social networking application it is also useful for marketing purposes for variety of businesses and artists that want to advertise their creations and become more successful by reaching out to people with their artworks. Advertising your work on social network, whether we are talking about an artwork, professional close up photos of nature or any other product that was molded with passion in the process of creation that you call hobby, requires that you present it to as many people as your social skills allow you to. The best way to achieve that is to connect your Instagram account with your Facebook profile, so that more than just one group of audience have a chance to see your work, appreciate it and finally recommend it someone. If you want to promote your business really fast we would recommend you to use this app to get more followers on Instagram and boost your work in a matter of days. Instagram is perfect for this, but how to actually connect it to Facebook profile so that when you post something on Instagram it is instantly posted on Facebook too. Following these simple steps will get you there:instagram

  1. Launch Instagram app on your Iphone, desktop, laptot or android phone.
  2. Click or tap on the Profile icon on the far right of your screen.
  3. Next step is going to Settings by taping the setting icon or clicking on the settings tab.
  4. instagram and facebook sharingFind preference tab or section, on phone, and go to Share settings.
  5. Now chose any social network that you want, so in this case click on Facebook.
  6. In Facebook options find and click on Share to that is by default your personal timeline.
  7. Now you should find yourself on a Facebook page where you will be asked to give permission to Instagram so it can manage your pages. Click on OK and continue.
  8. Now you will be routed back to Instagram where your will be presented with a full list of all that pages that you manage. From there you can easily chose how you want to filter where your posts get published.get instagram likes

The other thing you will be able to customize is the posting time for every social network you are using and scheduling when it will post your photos, videos or any other serf-promoting materials that will be used in order to make success. Keep in mind that these instructions may be slightly different on Iphone and Android, but searching and selecting above mentioned options in this step by step tutorial will get you what you want, and that is to unify accounts and post instantly on multiple social networks. Use this technique and it is guaranteed that important people will see your work and offer lucrative business deals that you wouldn’t get otherwise.

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