Becoming popular on Instagram can be a long and annoying process. Posting photos and videos every day, quoting famous people can get you some likes, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will actually get followers this way. We are here to tell you that you can find followers for Instagram app, that will provide you a lot of real followers. The other thing you need to know is that there is no point in posting random pictures adding irrelevant hashtags that make no sense combined with photo material that provided. The posting must be done with style and meaningfulness, so let’s go through some basic steps that will get you loyal followers who will like your posts without expecting to like back.instagram banner

  1. Gaining followers is similar to hospitality really, where the satisfaction of a guest is important and the service that you provide keeps the same guest coming back over and over. You can apply same rules for followers on Instagram, if you provide a material that they want and make it available for them on a daily basis there is no chance they will unfollow you at any moment.
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    Make your posts appealing to as many groups of people as possible, of course this doesn’t mean that you should post best cosmetic products just to attract people that are into fashion. Think of a particular topic and keep posting photo and video related material that will act like a magnet for people interested in that specific topic. And there you go, now you have a group of followers that can rely on you to provide useful information every day. They will check your page regularly and that is a follower that you will never lose.

  3. Every photo that you post must be high quality, with perfect lighting, model positioning and angles. Every professional photographer knows that these three elements are essential in creating a perfect picture. Topside pictures are extremely popular as more and more people take pictures of their favorite food from this angle. Also slightly turning left or right when taking a picture from this angle provides a blur effect that further enhances the quality of your picture.
  4. Be original and do not repost and copy content of other accounts. It is really important to remember, this way you create bad reputation for yourself as no one appreciates when you use someone else’s ideas rather than creating something unique. Even though they might not remember where they’ve seen it your followers will know that it didn’t come from you and you might lose them just for this.instagram ads
  5. Follow the famous photographers that you admire, engage them and as a couple of questions regarding professional photography. They will be glad to answer your question if they see and recognize the passion in you that they had when starting with photography. So make your questions addressed to them interesting, ask them what difficulties did they had in the beginning, what kept them going when all seemed lost, what lenses are best for what lighting set and so on. If you remind them of themselves when they started doing photography, they are sure to help you and give you advise that you will find useful. You don’t have to apply their solutions, you can keep them in mind and create a solution of your own effected by collected opinions of other. This is what will make your techniques unique and incomparable to any other.

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