The popularity of Instagram continues to grow with each passing day; this brings more companies to the platform, and most of them are trying to find a way to amass fans. All of the companies are trying to “weaponize” Instagram, but many of them have problems with a steady income of fans.


This guide is supposed to help you turn your Instagram account into a powerful weapon. Your Instagram account can be a very useful marketing tool. Instagram has around 400 million monthly users, and you should try turning some of them into potential customers. Continue reading and learn how you too can use Instagram as a powerful marketing tool by amassing over 1000 new followers daily.

  1. Appeal to different emotions

Whenever you are thinking about a new post, you should reflect on how to craft it. It is crucial that the users can connect to your post in different ways. You should always have at least two distinct ways in which users can connect to what you post. You are supposed to appeal to users’ emotions if you want users to tag others.

Instagram users might tag someone in a post because it shows something unique, has a “cool factor”, or simply looks beautiful. Always think about how the users should feel when they look at your post and make sure that they can relate to it in more than one way.

  1. Never stop testing & analyzing

You should never assume that you know what works. Never believe that a winning formula will remain winning. You should always analyze the likes and shares of your posts and focus on the ones who are most shared and most liked. See what they have in common, try to notice a pattern. Most of the people want to insert themselves into the scene, but that doesn’t mean that photos with other people in them won’t work.


If you have found a winning formula, continue using it, but try changing it and test it out to see how it works. Remember, you should never stop innovating and experimenting, but be sure to analyze everything you can.

  1. Be consistent

You should always satisfy the users, and one way to do this is to be consistent with your posts. You have to remember that you shouldn’t oversaturate the users’ feeds. Try to keep the number of your posts to 2-3 per day, and don’t stray from it. You should also analyze your followers.

If they are mostly working people, try to post during their lunch break, and after they are done working. If they are young adults, cater to them.

The key to being successful on Instagram is consistency. Find a formula which works for you, and stick to it unless you notice it failing. Never oversaturate the feed of your users, and think hard about when is the best time to post.

  1. Give credit

If you are using someone else’s photographs, always credit them. The best way to do it is to credit them in the photo caption by writing something like “Photo by @username,” “Credit: @username,” or “Captured by @username.” Even if you think that you can get away without crediting the original photographer, never do it. It is important that your brand is authentic and that the customers can trust you.


Don’t try doing anything shady, simply give credit where credit is due. Being honest goes a long way, and it is important that you don’t tarnish your name. The users will show more respect, and almost everyone whose photograph you have used will be glad to be noticed.

Bonus tip: Gather free followers.

It is important to have as many followers as possible because your account is supposed to grow as well as the traffic to your website. The best way to amass free followers is to visit and improve your business with a steady stream of followers.

Instagram is big, popular, and has a huge monthly user base. If you aren’t already using Instagram to promote your business, you should start doing it ASAP. Many successful companies are already reaping the benefits and even more are starting to notice the usefulness of Instagram.

This guide will help you get started off on Instagram, but if you are already using Instagram for your business, then this guide has provided some useful tips to take your Instagram account to a new level.

Good luck!

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