Instagrammers usually abide the golden rules of using this incredibly popular social network. However, some tend to forget some of these rules and destroy the reputation that they’ve been building tirelessly for quite some time. Instagram is unforgiving regarding posting photos of low quality, presenting sloppy editing skills and poor writing skills.


Everything needs to be perfect if success is to be expected from each post. Every post that gets a reasonable amount of interaction is a successful post. Knowing that a successful post consists of a couple of elements, it’s logical to think that removing one from the equation will result in it failing to amass interaction.

And although a single post like that won’t damage your reputation, making mistakes that caused it to fail most definitely will. So what are the things we need to avoid doing on Instagram?

Post low-quality photos

Probably one of the biggest mistakes that you can make on Instagram is posting a low-resolution photo, with blurred or smudged objects beyond recognition. One might be tolerated, but if you continue to post such photos you’d best have a good reason for it. Instagrammers have no understanding for such posts or accounts that post them.

So in most cases, you’ll be ridiculed, but that’s not the worst part. No, the worst part comes when you find out that your follower numbers are dropping at an alarming rate.


This is when you’ve hit the point of no return, as the damage was already done. The only thing you can do at that time is to delete your account and start over. To avoid all this, keep your photos of the highest quality.

Forget to edit before posting

Instagram is a social network that focuses on posting photo content mostly. And having a huge Instagram following will required from you to maintain your reputation, provided that you want to keep those huge follower numbers. To do this, you must invest time and effort into each post.

This means that you should edit it to perfection before posting every photo. Having a profile on Instagram with huge followings is kind of responsibility, as those followers expect nothing but the best content from your account every day.

So try to perfect adding effects, manipulate colors, change filters and experiment while editing to create the perfect photo. Wondering when you’ve done enough editing? Usually when there’s nothing more to add, and you’ve filled every blank spot on your photo and used every effect filter.

Over posting and spamming

Who wants to see more than a couple of similar posts in less than an hour on their Instagram feed? The answer is no one. So if you have a bad habit of overcrowding their feed with posts, it’s time to stop. Posting a couple of photos a day is not a bad thing. Actually it’s advisable to post around three to maximum five posts per day.


Especially if you know when to post them. But posting every half an hour won’t get your popular. Instead, it can be counterproductive as people will notice this and either unfollow you or report you as spam.

It’s completely understandable that you want to progress fast and ride to the top of the ‘mountain of fame’ in an instant. But over-posting and spamming isn’t the way.

Buying followings

The most dangerous form of follower on Instagram is the fake one, or an empty profile, ghost. No matter how appealing the thought may sound in your head, buying followers is never the answer. In best case scenarios you’ll get noticed for a week or so, and attract medium amount of real followers with those numbers.

But in most cases, you won’t get lucky enough even to attract that petty amount of followers. In most cases, other Instagrammers will notice you fake following and ignore your posts, refuse to interact with your posts, and generally stop thinking of you as a fellow Instagrammer.

And this is the worst thing that can happen on Instagram. Being ignored to that extent that every post that you share, no matter how good, insightful and ingenious it is, gets no interaction and accumulates no likes is the worst type of nightmare for a common Instagrammer.

This is why you should never buy or otherwise acquire ghost followers. You may have a couple of them now on your account, so be sure to check and filter your follower list.

Overuse #liketolike

Using certain hashtags to help you acquire fame and popularity on Instagram is fine. There are several hashtags that can encourage other Instagrammers to interact on your posts or even follow you. But nothing shouts more ‘I’m desperate for attention’ than overusing #liketolike hashtag.


You may find it fun in the beginning, and in most cases,Instagrammers will tolerate your annoying requests and even help you out. But make sure that you don’t cross the border and use this hashtag million times per week. This is not only annoying but may also incite spam or block requests by other users.

So keep it safe, and use those and all similar hashtags that ‘beg for attention’ wisely. Only by using these hashtags occasionally will make them effective and allow you to use their full potential. No one will turn you down for a few likes or comments if you request for it every other week or so.

Lie about using filters

No one wants to see bad photos on Instagram. But what Instagrammers hate to see the most is when someone uses #nofilter when it’s clear that they’ve used a filter. These kind of lies and deceitful posts can provoke other users and incite people into ridiculing you and your posts.

So to avoid all this, keep it simple and mention when you’re using a filter or simply forget to mention. Both methods are fine, but when you say that you haven’t used any filter on a photo that’s edited beyond recognition is literally a crime on Instagram.

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