Social media has become the biggest and fastest marketing tool in the world. If we gathered all the people that are registered on all social media platforms, we would have half the population of the whole world, but let’s just look at the most successful one, Instagram.

Instagram has had many updates since its release and has steadily grown to be used by the most famous and influential people of this century.

What Instagram offers is a place for many different people to say and show what they have and in that process, gain attract strangers online that share the same opinion or taste in certain things. So how has Instagram done what other media platforms also have but better?


Well, first we have to acknowledge that Instagram has nurtured content creators a lot! People who love to take photographs or draw find Instagram to be an awesome tool when it comes to showing the whole world their content.

Next, we have to point out the ease of use of the Instagram app. It offers several things, and it offers them in the best and easiest way to be used.

Instagram does not clutter its main page with random content since everything has to be done in a similar form which is the photograph form. After all this, you might want to use Instagram for your own benefit or some particular purpose, and we are here to give you a few insights on how you can use Instagram in a many creative ways.

Connect with everything

Instagram has one feature that is not unique, but it’s nonetheless a way it can be used. Instagram can be linked with other social apps making it an excellent addition when you want to share content and find particular people that use just one platform.

It’s a useful tool to stay connected with people and definitely another addition to a place where you can tell people that you can be reached or a place where you have left certain things for others to see.

For instance, if you are a photographer, drawer, writer, travel agent or something similar you can create a “page” on your Instagram account for other people to see it, and if you can link it to everything, it will just make it easier for others to access you and your content. This function also makes it easier to get Instagram likes on your profile.

Promote business and build up brand quality

If Instagram can be used by ordinary people for lots of things, why can’t it be used by businesses to promote their products, services or to create a good brand quality presence.


In today’s world brands have a hard time fighting for the top spot, and the slower you get into the online social media game, the slower you will build up the wind behind your sails.

So a company who has a good idea or a noble goal can spread that message to more people using Instagram. Don’t neglect this platform just because you don’t have millions following you, build up your brand quality online, and you will soon have more followers than you can handle.

Use it as a cheap replacement for your site

An internet site could cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars and can easy take you lots of hours to maintain. Sure you can create a unique user experience on it but if you can create a similar experience for no money at all and in half the time, would you not try it?

Instagram can be your platform where you can leave products to be advertised. Share your content information and the price, and you can sell stuff online without a private site. Similar to this you can also create a site to sell a particular service.

Here you would then need to create a customer review area and another field where you would detail all the services you provide. However, on Instagram, the comments would be that area for rating your service, and you can take pictures of anything and upload them to create that same function as if you had your site, just cheaper and in half the time.

Create unique moments that can be funny or educational for friends and other people

Instagram has many unique functions in its arsenal of apps. The Hyperlapse, the boomerang, the layout and the stories. All of these functions offer another way to approach a moment in your day.

You can have some insightful revelation and create a story that will be gone within 24hours from your account, or maybe you have a funny moment that can be looped with the boomerang and shared.


If used correctly, you can establish a certain connection with the people on your follower’s list and can even get you more followers based on how good your new content is. Remember all exposure is better than no exposure at all.

Send traffic to a particular place

Let us say for instance you want to direct and generate traffic to a particular website and you are unsure how to do it. If you want to get all the people you know to visit that site, you would have to call or private message all of them.

Or you could just link a picture on Instagram with the address in the comments and why they should click on it. To direct traffic you don’t have to spend as much time as in the past to achieve the same results, and yet you can even do it better today.

The fact is Instagram can be used in almost any way imaginable, all that is limiting you is your imagination and fear of competition. The moment you get an interesting idea, and you think that somebody might enjoy it, share it on Instagram.

The fact is, there are people in the world that would love your idea and would share it around to other people that think like you, and in no time flat you would have more followers than you were ready for, but that is for another topic another time.

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