What sets Instagram apart from other social networks is its uniqueness of interaction with other users and an easy to use interface for that interaction. This is good enough for most of the people and it helped Instagram become one of the most used social networks in the world.

With over 600 million registered users and hundreds of millions daily logins, it certainly positioned itself as an industry leader when it comes to content sharing. Some may find its intuitive interface and ways of interaction with followers quite limited in scope so thankfully there are alternatives that will radically improve and change your Instagram usage for the better for sure.


Those looking to communicate with their target group of people can find it difficult to obtain free insta followers seeing how interaction scope allows only public comments and likes. Here are some of the readily available services and tools that will further enhance your experience.

Statistical and data management applications

One of the best analytics and management platform currently available for Instagram is Iconosquare. Expanding on the already limited functionality of interaction between pages and users, it enables individuals and companies to manage multiple pages and control posts in order to ensure that their content reaches their targeted audience.

This analytics platform provides insight into the growth of your Instagram pages. It also shows statistics of the impact your posts make as well as how the content of your pages influences followers and the effect it has on the overall page traffic. What it does best is that it collects all the relevant information into one clean interface that is easy to use and understand.

Some of the stats that are being shown by the Iconosquare include an overall number of impression your page had for the entire week, the overall reach, profile views, information about your top posts and relevant info about your followers and also the total number of clicks to your website. All of the data collected during the week.

Needless to say, that these sorts of detailed reports are essential to companies and individuals that are looking to advertise any type of services or products on Instagram. Iconosquare is available on PC as well as on both iOS and Android powered devices.


For an alternative approach on your analytics and page traffic data, we suggest Crowdfire as your go-to app. It will prove to be a valuable companion for advertisers that are looking to achieve wide audience reach and get attention to their pages and the content being advertised.

Not only can you manage your posts and your followers, Crowdfire enables its users to check up all your content and manage your posts as well as monitoring of the overall traffic and interest your pages make. Among the plethora of data available for the page managers, there is the showcase of the overall interest percentage your page made during the specified time period.

From within the app user interface, you can even manage your current followers, content creation and even pages and people that you are following. And all of that functionality is available from within the clean and easy to use app interface. The Crowdfire app is available for PC, iOS and Android operating systems.

Automation of your posts is essential for making sure that your Instagram page content is displayed at the right time for it to reach your followers and increase traffic. The perfect app for automation of your pages is the Later app. What it allows is a detailed planning and scheduling of all of your posts before they get published and displayed to your followers.

The functionality of the Later app can be used over multiple Instagram accounts and enable effortless management of queues for posting times for all of the content on those individual pages.

This will improve your efficiency, increase the page interest and certainly improve your workflow especially if you are managing multiple accounts with plenty of daily content sharing. Later is available for use via an online website interface and also through the iOS and Android applications.

Multimedia content editing tools

VSCO is an awesome and a very powerful image editing tool for everyone looking to raise their Instagram content to another level. Unlike many similar photo editing apps, VSCO offers lots of inspiration from influences coming from its huge community of users.

Creative images are constantly shared and exchanged so there is plenty of inspiration for everyone looking to improve the uniqueness and appeal of their images. Users can change the way the images are taken on the spot and also modify the existing ones.


This great tool includes so many presets that will make you images striking and attention-grabbing for sure. The presets offer an easy way to edit photos and beside them, there are so many advanced functions included in the app that can completely change and differentiate your visual creations.

A must have application for everyone who is determined to separate their Instagram page content from the rest of the crowd. You can use VSCO app on both major mobile platforms so get it here for iOS and here for Android.

Quick is another great image editing app available for both iOS and Android that will give an enhanced functionality to your Instagram posts. It gives you the possibility of inserting text overlay over your photos and this feature is excellent when you want to emphasise your products or point out to the highlights on your content.

This is great when you want to lead your followers to the relevant information regarding your displayed images and any other content that you want to gain attention.

We conclude our guide with the notion that these are only some of the ways you can dramatically increase your productivity and enhance your experience while using Instagram. Some methods will garner more attention from your followers while others will increase the interest for the post you make.

The examples of the tools we mention here are best used with regular activity and frequent interaction with your followers. Make sure to react to how your target group responds to your activity and adapt accordingly. This is the best way to achieve your goals and use Instagram to maximum effect in order to reach your success.

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