Instagram is one of the most popular social networks around. Believe it or not, many people use it to promote their business, opinion, or show appreciation to someone or something through a popular thing called “a hashtag.”

This system gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years because it’s one of the easiest ways for a person to express their opinion, support, or even judgment.

Which hashtags can I use to get more followers?

There are a few things you need to pay attention to before putting a suitable tag in the picture description. First of all, it has to be relevant. For example, if you have a picture of a beautiful mountain and its landscape, it wouldn’t be a good idea to put a #sea hashtag, because it’s not relevant and it doesn’t attract the right group of people. However, you can put a lot of generic hashtags to gain Instagram fans such as #love, #happiness, #beauty, and so on.


Types of hashtags

There are two types of hashtags – generic and relevant. The difference between these two is pretty self-explanatory. The generic ones are designed to attract the individuals who aren’t necessarily interested in the things you do but still get curious about them. One of the examples would be the #love tag. We all know that #love attracts many people, regardless of the content behind it and that’s all you need to get started.

Things to consider before promoting yourself

You’ll need to consider a few important things if you want to have a successful Instagram page. If you don’t do the necessary preparations, you’ll have less chance of success.

The first advice you’ll hear is to buy a quality camera. It’s a mandatory thing; you cannot attract people with a low-end camera and horrible picture quality, regardless of the content. After you buy a good piece of equipment, make sure to set your profile to “Public.”

If you forget to change the default settings in your profile, your effort will be in vain because no one will see your hashtags if you stay in the “Private” mode.

15 most popular hashtags

These are the most popular fifteen hashtags you should use to get more followers:

#love – Love is the thing that unites us all. This hashtag is guaranteed to attract a significant amount of users regardless of the content behind it. It’s up to you to make that content interesting enough to make people stay and check out your other material.

#beauty  It’s a generic hashtag, and it is pretty clear why would people want to explore the material branded with the #beauty hashtag. It’s strongly advised that you use this one.

#instagoodmyphoto – Instagood is an Instagram account which shares innovative and inspiring pictures uploaded by the community. If you want to be a part of it, tag your photo with the #instagoodmyphoto hashtag.

#justgoshoot – There is a community of photographers that share their best work using this hashtag. Bear in mind; you need a grade-A content to be considered as a part of this community.

#me – While it seems quite simple, it’s an incredibly popular tag. In fact, more than 295 million people use it.

#tbt – The term TBT stands for “Throwback Thursday.” The concept behind it is simple. If you have an old picture of a memorable event that happened in the past, post it on Thursday and tag it with the #tbt hashtag.

#cute – Needless to say, this one is also extremely popular. More than 250 million people use it; nothing is stopping you from being a part of that community.

#follow – This tag almost guarantees new followers. To put the popularity into perspective – more than 250 million individuals use it.


#followme – The #follow tag and this one are pretty similar. Therefore, the same rules apply for both.

#happy – Happiness is all around us, why wouldn’t we mention it in our pictures? 220 million people do it.

#photooftheday – This hashtag is reserved for your best photo of the day. Use it wisely because more than 237 million people think the same as you.

#tagforlikes – It’s an unconventional hashtag because you’re practically asking the users to like your content because of this tag. Although it sounds a bit selfish, it still appeared in more than 220 million posts.

#girl – There’s not much to say about it except it got used more than 200 million times by now, and that number won’t stop growing anytime soon.

#selfie – Selfies work great for Instagram marketing, and it’s one of the most used tags on this social network. Don’t forget to include it if you’re promoting a picture of yourself.

#picoftheday – This tag is quite similar to the #photooftheday, and most Instagram users use them both together. In fact, 174 million of them do.

Some additional advice

As you can see, there are plenty of popular hashtags nowadays, but you need to remember to use them wisely. If you put too many of them, your post will look clumsy and stuffed. If it seems aesthetically wrong to you, it probably is to others as well.

Finding an optimal number of hashtags is crucial. The best recipe is to put a few tags in the picture description and add some more in the comments.


Many Instagram users make a common mistake of putting every single one of these popular tags in the image description. They look unnatural and forced, and that means you probably won’t attract as many followers as you imagine. Remember to stay natural and honest; those are the two characteristics of a successful Instagram user.

Don’t be afraid to use some of your hashtags apart from these generic ones. For example, if you have a beautiful picture of a breathtaking sunrise, don’t hesitate to implement a #sunrise tag, or something similar.

Even though these fifteen tags are the most popular ones, that doesn’t mean the others don’t get any attention. It’s all about the approach. Once you notice the growth of your follower’s base, you can fine-tune your options accordingly.

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