Instagram is among the top 10 social media websites in the world, but they aren’t resting on their laurels. The initial idea behind its popularity is still what attracts new users, but Instagram’s team is always working to add new features.

If you haven’t been paying attention, 2016 is turning out to be a big a year with a lot of changes this website. To get everyone up to date, we’re going to be looking at some of the most important new features.

#1 Saving drafts

As of September 2016, Instagram has a new draft option. You can now save your posts before you decide to publish them. Before this feature, a tap on the “back” button would lead to a lost post. With this feature, the Instagram app offers a prompt to cancel, discard or save a draft.

An important thing to note is that the draft prompt will come up only if you made changes to your photo. These changes can be a caption, location or filters.


#2 Filtering and disabling comments

A significant change rolled out this year is the ability to moderate or disable comments. This feature is available to all users and lets you block comments that contain certain phrases, words, and even emojis. You can now make a list of words that will trigger the tool when a comment contains them and, thus, block it. This feature is great for personal users, but even more so for business users on Instagram. Companies can now block certain comments in an automated way and reach real Instagram fans.


#3 Stories updates

  • Muting users : Now you can finally mute Instagram Stories from individual users. To mute a story, you just have to tap and hold over their avatar for Instagram Stories. This way the story moves to the end of a queue so it can’t auto-play. If you want to unmute someone, you should tap and hold the same icon before choosing the unmute button. The option to block stories means that businesses will have to think about what content they upload and how often they post it.
  • Saving Instagram Stories automatically : With this new feature, you can turn on an option that will save all your stories automatically. If you want, you can also save stories one by one.
  • Changing text color on Instagram stories : If you want, you can now choose the text color for your stories. This option lets you better match colors and can give stories a personal touch.




#4 Interactive ads updates

This new update for ads comes after an improved button for calls to action. Now when users view an ad for four seconds or tap on a profile name, the CTA button gets highlighted.

There are changes to video ads as well. When users unmute a video add, they are now taken to the landing page of the ad owner while the video playback continues at the top of the screen. This way ads can be more interactive, which will attract more companies to this website. These additions are also a good way to increase engagement with users and followers.


#5 Zooming in on photos and videos

Instagram caught up to Facebook and tweeter with the “pinch to zoom” option this year. Now users
can pinch to zoom videos, pictures, and stories from the app.



#6 New “Events” Channel for Instagram Video

This new feature gathers the best videos from live events like music concerts and sporting events into a single channel. With it, you can use Instagram to follow different events from around the world live.

How does an event reach the Explore Page? Simple. An even needs to be popular enough among users and produce enough content to become a channel.

Right now, you can’t show any ads or sponsored events. But, knowing Instagram, this will change. That’s why the Events Channel should be on the radar of every serious company.


7# Helping people with mental illness on Instagram

Recognizing that mental illness can be a quiet killer, Instagram has come out with an update. If you know someone who you think needs help; you can now reach out to them in an anonymous way through Instagram.

The message that Instagram sends states: “Someone saw one of your posts and thinks you might be going through a difficult time. If you need support, we’d like to help.” The message also contains valuable resources, including a helpline.

Besides that, if you search for anything relating to self-harm, Instagram will offer help through a message.


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